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Blue Blue
METALLIC Skate Bag Choose from 5 Colours
Sale price$25.00
HEARTS Skate Bag HEARTS Skate Bag
HEARTS Skate Bag
Sale price$25.00
SKULLS Skate Bag SKULLS Skate Bag
SKULLS Skate Bag
Sale price$25.00
Skate CASE Skate CASE
Skate CASE Limited Time - 12 Colours
Sale price$99.95
Blue Purple
Crazy Skates Wheel Bag
Sale price$12.00
Black Blue
Retro - Bag Skate Bag
Sale price$10.00
Purple Purple
EVOKE - Cases Roller Skate Carry Case
Sale price$39.95


Metallic Skate Bags are the ultimate solution for effortlessly transporting your skates to and from your thrilling skating adventures! there is five Metallic Skate Bag colours to choose from and then an extra to which are called Hearts and Skulls skate bags. Explore that Crazy Skates collection to find your perfect bag!